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  • Are all of your spices organic?
    Yes!! We only sell organic fair trade spices.
  • Are your products gluten free?
    Yes they are. All of our products are gluten free.
  • Are your spice blends salt free?
    We can make any of our spice blends salt free at your request. There is no extra charge to make our spice mixes salt free.
  • Can I purchase spices in bulk?
    Yes. We sell spices in bulk at a discounted rate. Please let us know how we can help you.
  • I have a family recipe for a spice mix, can you make it for me?
    Yes. We can blend your recipe as long as we are able to get the ingredients. We are happy to blend it, jar it and make a label for your recipe. We charge by the ounce for the spices and a set rate for the jars and labels. We do not charge a set up fee. We are able to make a single jar or several pounds using your recipe. We will not share your recipe or sell it in our shop without your permission.
  • Where do your spices come from?
    We always try to purchase our spices directly from the source when we can. We make sure that all of our vendors use good business practices and only sale organic fair trade products. We make sure that every product we purchase comes with the certified organic certificate. We do grow most of the herbs and chilies ourselves. Our gardens are certified organic and we grow according to organic guidlines. We try to grow as much as possible. We are based in Oklahoma so a lot of the spices we sell just cannot be grown here. As much as I would love a cinnamon tree in my yard, Oklahoma weather just doesn't permit it.
  • Do you own your own bee hives?
    Yes we do. All of our honey comes from our hives. We only sale 100% pure honey. We do not add corn syrup to any of our honey.
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