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So, I wanted to introduce myself and tell you some goals I have with this blog. Many of you might know me from my shop, so you probably know that I LOVE spices. I am a wife and mother of 2, so when I cook for my family I need meals to be quick and easy BUT flavorful too. Using fresh spices makes such a huge difference in my cooking.

My goal for this blog is to bring you new ideas and recipes to inspire your meal. With such a large variety of spices, herbs and blends sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. I want to help guide you through choosing the correct spices and introducing you to new ones as well.

Many of my recipes will list spices or blends that you can purchase from my shop. The Spice Rack is committed to bringing you the freshest spices and herbs. Our spices are organic, 100% preservative free and always ground fresh. Spices are so personal. One might like a lot of spice in a recipe, while another might like just a sprinkle. Most of my recipes can be tailored to suit your tastes.

Stay tuned for recipes and meal ideas posted to this blog. My hope is to update and bring you recipes several times a week. If you have ideas or recipes you would like to share, please comment or let me know. I always love to hear new ideas and try new recipes.

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